Original Title


Genre / Subgenre

Psychological Thriller / Suspense, Drama, Twisted Nordic Noir

Production Year


Country of Origin


Language Spoken

Danish, Swedish


95 min


Anders Klarlund
Anders Klarlund & Jacob Weinreich (aka. A.J. Kazinski)


Signe Egholm Olsen, Anton Hjejle

Production Company
Deluca Film A/S

Morten Rasmussen

March 24th 2022 by Scandinavian Film Distribution


The Last Client is an ambitious and suspenseful Nordic Noir that elegantly and effectively captures its audience with an intense drama between a psychotherapist and her dangerous new client. Is she able to fix him within the single hour he grants her? If not, she will pay the ultimate price. For every grain of sand that passes through the hourglass, the spider spins its web and it dawns on her that she is facing a very dangerous man.

THE team

Anders Klarlund


Anders Klarlund’s first feature film was The Eighteenth (1996), which follows three independent characters during the riots in Copenhagen in the wake of the EU referendum on 18 May 1993. He then directed several episodes of the TV series Taxi (1997-99), and his next feature film, the occult thriller Possessed, premiered in 1999. The ambitious puppet film Strings (2003) has won several awards, including the Spanish critics’ Citizen Kane Award and the Silver-Méliès for best fantasy film at the Finnish festival Espoo Ciné. Klarlund’s satirical How We Get Rid of the Others has also won awards, i.a. for Best Film at the Festival de Cine Fantastico in Bilbao.


A.J. Kazinski


A.J. Kazinski is a pen name for Anders Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich. A.J. Kazinski has had eight bestselling novels published by one of Denmark’s biggest publishing houses, Politikens Forlag, since 2010. In total, the books have sold almost a million copies in Denmark and have been published in more than 20 countries worldwide. A.J. Kazinski’s debut, The Last Good Man, has been published all over the world and won awards in multiple countries, including France where it won the award for Novel of The Year 2011. A.J. Kazinski’s novel (in collaboration with Thomas Rydahl) The Death of A Mermaid has been sold to Mastiff Productions, who are developing it into a TV series and their Loving Adults will be made into the first Danish Netflix original film, slated to premiere early 2022.  


Morten Rasmussen


Morten Rasmussen is a producer and director, who has directed and produced several features and shorts. He is mostly known for Emma & Julemanden: Jagten på elverdronningens hjerte (2015), Julemandens datter 2 (2020) and Ghettodrengen (2012). 
On producing The Last Client he states:

“Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich have managed to create a strong foundation for a gripping psychological thriller with great potential. It is a genre that the two authors know in-depth, not least due to their many book publications under the pseudonyms A.J. Kazinski. Books that are not only popular in Denmark, but also have large sales figures around Europe and the rest of the world.”


Signe Egholm Olsen (©HEIN)

Signe Egholm Olsen

role: Susanne Hartmann

Signe Egholm Olsen is a trained actress, graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2003. She is very well known and awarded for her stage work as well as her movie productions in Denmark and abroad. Her moviedebut was as the female lead in Ole Christian Madsen’s acclaimed 2005 Nordkraft, but she has since then starred in several movies and series. Among others, The TV-Series BorgenDarkness: Those who kill (2019), Into The Wild (2007), by Sean Penn.



Anton Hjelje

Role: Mark Zidenius

Anton Hjelje (Born in 1992) is an highly talented actor and graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2018. Hjejle started acting in a young age and plays the role of Malthe in comedy serie The Man with the Golden Ears. Hjejle has starred in one of the leading role as Christian in the original TV drama Liberty (2018) directed by Mikael Marcimain. Hjejle also has great talent in theater and have acted on stage in sevaral shows including Shakespeare in Love directed by Katrine Wiedemann. 



"The Last Client is a thriller. On the surface, everything is good, Susanne is a success, life is good - until the idyll is suddenly shattered by the past, the repressed, the darkness that returns and literally knocks on the door. It is an entertaining film that addresses weighty topics such as guilt and responsibility, crime and punishment, while the surprising plot with its many twists and turns keeps you captivated."

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